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Neighborhood Watch

A Neighborhood Watch serving several communities in South East Aurora: Beacon Point, Blackstone, Fieldstone, Heritage Eagle Bend, Inspiration, Ponderosa Ridge, Saddle Rock - North, Serenity Ridge, Sorrel Ranch, Southshore, Tallyn’s Reach, Tollgate Crossing, Wheatlands and Whispering Pines

Aurora Police - Non emergency phone number - 303-627-3100

Access Aurora - The city’s customer service, information and call center - 303-739-7000

Area 26/27 PAR Officer Shane Ellison - email: <> phone 303-627-3172

HAC Jennifer Dubrow - email: <>

Phone/Text: 720-771-7848

Safety & Security

Looking out for each other, Helping ensure the safety and security of our families, communities, and property.

The Aurora Police Department supports citizen efforts to coordinate Neighborhood Watch programs.  Community volunteers, with the help of the Aurora Police Department and our PAR (Police Area Representative) Officer, run this program.  The volunteers coordinate activities in their areas, arrange meetings, picnics and other social gatherings, where they introduce crime prevention tips and safety training for the residents.

Neighborhood Watch is a group of citizens with the goal of taking an active roll in making their community healthy and crime-free by working with law enforcement and other city resources. By building a problem-solving network that encourages citizens to form a bond to maintain their neighborhoods, both as a deterrent to crime and a way to make the neighborhood a good place to live, residents solve their own problems. This is the basis of a strong community-policing program. A Neighborhood Watch program is built through neighbors who identify community concerns and criminal activity and who work toward improving the quality of life in the community.

The program operates through a communication chain that includes the Police Area Representatives (PAR Officers), our Head Area Coordinator, the Area Coordinators, block Captains and Residents.

Our Neighborhood Watch area (PAR Areas 26 & 27) represents/consists of many communities in the South East Aurora area, and we are open to accepting additional communities if we can find sufficient support and interested community members. Our SEANW (South East Aurora Neighborhood Watch) has a close relationship with the Aurora Police Department and it’s supporting agencies and personnel. We appreciate all the support we get from the men and women of the Police Department and the city’s municipal support staff. The most visible support that the city/APD provides are the PAR officers - Uniquely qualified and dedicated to working with citizen groups such as our Neighborhood Watch, we couldn’t help protect our communities and residents without their assistance.

Officer Steve Nelson is our PAR for Area 26 and Officer Shane Ellison is the PAR officer for Area 27. Note that Officer Ellison is PAR for all of Tallyn’s Reach (it crosses the area 26/27 boundary, but our PAR officers have decided that it will be handled by Officer Ellison)

Jennifer Dubrow - Head Area Coordinator


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Robert Vaessen

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Mailing Lists

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Tollgate Crossing, Beacon Point, Blackstone, Fieldstone, Heritage Eagle Bend, Inspiration, Ponderosa Ridge, Saddlerock - North, Serenity Ridge, Sorrel Ranch, Southshore, Tallyn’s Reach, Tollgate Crossing, Wheatlands, and Whispering Pines communities.)

South East Aurora Neighborhood Watch

Area Coordinators

Group Photo taken: Jan 17, 2011

Next Neighborhood Watch meetings
- Date for next District 3 Neighborhood Watch meeting is unknown, 2017 -

- Date for the next South East Aurora Neighborhood Watch meeting is Oct 11th, 2017 -

See Current and Events pages for details.

Police Area  Representative changes for Areas 26 & 27
For the time being, Officer Shane Ellison <> will be our PAR Officer for Areas 26 & 27: Officer Steve Nelson (who recently replaced Officer James Salazar) has been promoted to detective. Please consult our Info page for more details.